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Press Releases | Batam Report Vol. 10

Export Procedure in Batam: Simple and Efficient

Batam is widely recognized as an export processing none, where it is exempted from all import/export duty. It has quickly developed as an industrial, trade, transhippment and tourism area due to the incentives it offers. With the activities in the industrial and trading sector. Batam now contributes 14% of Indonesia's national non oiI-and-gas export, a very significant contribution from a 415 sq-km island to the nation.


Investment Mission from Japan

Batam Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) is the appointed institution by the Government of Indonesia to develop and manage Batam as an industrial zone.


Technical & Practical Education Support

The vast development of Batam Island as an industrial 'one and tourist resort, is indicated by the growth of investment to a total of US$ 8.8 billion by the end of 2001. This will require stronger support from human resourees for the operation of industrial zone and tourist resorts. Higher quality and more skilled work three is in demand. Higher edueation is also growing to Batam, with ten colleges and universities already available.


Ready-Built Factories for Investors

As a duty-free island, Batam's export from trade and industry reached US$6.8 billion as at the end December 2001, a significant contribution of 14% to the national non-oil-&-gas export value. This contribution came from the more than 530 foreign manufacturing plants and 9,000 domestic companies in Batam.


Medical Voluntary Services

With Batam proving to be the popular investment destination for industrial and tourism sectors in Southeast Asia, the island has also grown in population. This growth of population provides the necessary workforce for many industries, services, and resorts.



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