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General Info

Batam and Surrounding Islands

Batam can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and internationally. Domestic airline companies currently flying to Batam include Garuda Indonesia Airways, Merpati Nusantara, Bouraq Airlines, Mandala Airlines, Jatayu Airlines and several air charter services. Highspeed transport ships also bring visitors to Batam from Singapore, Johor and Jakarta, with hourly services running throughout the day, from various ports around Batam. Due to the proximity of Singapore, most visitors to Batam find that coming by high-speed transport ships is the easiest method of transport.


Investing in Batam

As at the end of December 2001, Batam has accumulated a total of approximately US$ 8.8 billion in investment comprising of US$ 2.1 billion (24%) of government investment and US$ 6.7 billion (76%) of private investment. Government investment is in terms of infrastructure development. Private investment comprises further of 49% or US$ 3.3 billion of domestic investment and 51% or US$ 3.4 billion of foreign investment. More than 531 foreign companies are operating in Batam while the number of local companies is nearly 9,700.


Infrastructures and Facilities

The master plan has divided the islands into 5 (five) development areas, as follows:

  1. Sekupang; situated in the western part of Batam Island, covering an area of 11,352.Ha. This is divided into 2 (two) sub-areas, Sekupang and Tanjung Uncang, which has been planned and developed for the following purposes:
    • Industrial area in Sekupang
    • Shipbuilding and Shipping industry in Tanjung Uncang
    • Housing
    • Tourism facilities, including golf courses
    • Offices and shopping centres
    • Passenger and cargo seaport in Sekupang
    • Terminals servicing ferries for Singapore, in Sekupang and Tanjung Uncang
    • Marina facilities in Tanjung Uncang

Facts and Data

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