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Municipality of Batam

City Administration

The City of Batam has a township status of a Municipality. A Mayor who is responsible for the civic administration, social affairs head the city. So that BIDA and the municipality of Batam work hand in hand to develop and promote -Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands as an industrial, trade, tourism and transshipment area.


Foreign individuals or companies are allowed to buy properties (houses, apartment, and shop-houses), in the Barelang area without any restrictions on ownership even when they are not working in Batam. With a recommendation from BIDA, a solicitor will assist you in finalising the transaction.

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurant

Hotels and beach resorts on Batam currently number 66, with 5,600 rooms available. There are at present 6 golf courses ranging form] 8 to 27 holes throughout Batam. Marine facilities are available at Nongsa Point Marina, with a capacity for 200 yachts, and Waterfront City Marina, with accommodation for 100 yachts.

Foreign visitors to Batam in 2000 almost reached 1.2 million people, averaging 100,000 visitors monthly. Numerous restaurants can be found around the island, many of them well known throughout Southeast Asia for their succulent seafood dishes.

Hospitals, Schools, Places of Worship

Medical centres are available throughout the islands in both residential areas and the industrial parks. A public hospital and a maternity hospital have been established on the island.

Public and private schools covering primary, secondary, and tertiary education are well established in the area. Specialist schools that support the needs of industrial development are operating in the islands, such as technical colleges, and various vocational schools.

Numerous places of worship cater for various religions and beliefs such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

Golf is among the popular sports, which are well supported on the island with the availability of excellent golf courses. Many tennis courts and swimming pools are also situated around Batam. Health clubs for locals and visitors are a growing industry. Other well-established sports and . recreational facilities are well-patronised, such as football fields, badminton courts, water sports, go-kart circuit, and recreational parks.

Banks and insurance Companies

There are numerous local and international banks in Batam for all your banking needs.

Currently, there are 18 (eighteen) insurance companies, all members of the Indonesian Insurance Council, in Batam. These companies cater for all insurance needs including health insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and injury liability insurance.

Shopping Centres and Arcades

In the area of Nagoya, Jodoh, and Batam Centre in Batam Island, there are various shopping centres. Goods available range from traditional Indonesian handicraft to international branded goods. Indonesian Emporium in Batam Centre is a permanent exhibition and marketing centre for export quality Indonesian products such as leather, wooden, and bamboo handicrafts, rattan accessories, carved furniture, batik, and paintings.

Public Transportation

There are 4 (four) main areas of public transportation available in Barelang:

  • City buses - with routes around the city.
  • Taxi - there are approximately 1,900 taxis at present; some are without a meter, these taxis can be chartered individually or shared with others on certain fixed routes.
  • Tourist buses - operated by 6 (six) companies with buses ranging from 12 seaters to 50 seaters.
  • Car Rental - there are 3 (three) car rental companies, with vehicles ranging from sedans up to mini buses, which can be rented on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Chamber of Commerce

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Batam Chapter, is an organisation for businessmen, which is established to serve the needs of its members in finding new opportunities and business links both nationally as well as internationally, and also in conveying their aspirations to the government.

Other organisations, which have their office in Batam include association for hotel and restaurant operators, association of travel bureau, building contractors association, and numerous profession associations.

International Club

There are many international organisations in Batam. Among them are the Batam Singapore Club, the Batam Taiwan Business Club, and the Batam Japanese Club. The clubs assist their members in providing information on doing business in Batam. They also hold social and sporting events such as seminars, golf tournaments, marathon, and other outdoor activities.


A variety of local and international cuisine is served in hundreds of restaurants and eating places in Batam. This include European, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Malay food. Batam is popular for its fresh seafood, which is widely available throughout the island.


Tipping is not obligatory, however it is becoming a common practice in places such as restaurants, hotels, and to taxi drivers.


In order to serve and protect the people within the Barelang area, the Police department is in operation 24 hours a day. There are regular patrols in the industrial estates, residential and shopping areas.


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